Therapy, a contemporary sanctuary with an extraordinary subtle Balinese vibe, ushers you to de-stress like never before.
It is a space created for you to escape the roller coasters of life, to unwind the complexities of the mind and to indulge in life’s little pleasures.


Our products incorporate the finest quality ingredients chosen for perfect blending and formulation for unsurpassed quality.

We procure our oils and spa product ingredients from across the globe patronising only the finest boutique distillers, herb and plant growers, all organic producers, thereby ensuring that only the finest highest quality natural ingredients are used. All oils are blended in small to medium size batches to ensure their therapeutic and medical benefits are retained. At Therapy we also support home industry and local island trade practice.

No animal content is used nor are any of our products ever at any stage tested on animals. We select only the finest boutique producers who undertake practises that are environmentally friendly, natural and that are sustainable.

Our products are completely free of artificial chemicals & preservatives, chemical scents or other unnatural substances.


Of all the elements that we combine together to provide you with a unique experience, the most distinctive is our therapists. Our highly trained and highly skilled therapists are hand-picked to provide you with a transcendent experience. Each therapist has undergone extensive training so that you can be assured you will receive the same high quality service from our team of professionals consistently. We are a dedicated conscientious Spa always working in harmony with our human resources.